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Tapestry of Life Quilt: History

In 1997, the Texas Organ Sharing Alliance decided to create a Donor Family Quilt to honor the memory of Central and South Texans who had given the “Gift of Life.” Donor family members were asked to create a special quilt square in honor of their loved one. The response was overwhelming. Within a couple of months, TOSA had received enough quilt squares to put together the first donor quilt panel.

The first Donor Family Quilt Ceremony was held during the National Donor Sabbath Weekend in San Antonio on November 15, 1997. Since then, TOSA has received more than 350 donor squares paying tribute to Central and South Texas donors. The squares have been sewn into several quilt panels which can be viewed on this website. The donor quilt panels have been displayed throughout the TOSA region during special donor ceremonies and donor awareness community events.

Every year new squares are added by donor family members participating in Lights of Life Candle Lighting Ceremony. Ceremonies are held yearly in Austin, San Antonio and the Rio Grande Valley—thus making it easier for our donor families to attend.

Donor Family Quilt Square

We invite all the Texas Organ Sharing Alliance donor families to submit a special quilt square. Every quilt square will be different in that it is made especially for that special someone—the donor. In addition, family members should include a picture of the donor and a short narrative explaining the meaning of the quilt square’s design or describing the donor along with the quilt square. These stories and pictures are compiled into a book and will be displayed alongside the quilt.

If you would like to create a square for the quilt and short narrative, but cannot attend any of the ceremonies, send it to the TOSA office in San Antonio no later than December 1st at the following address:

Texas Organ Sharing Alliance
Attn: Donor Family and Volunteer Services

8122 Datapoint, Suite 200
San Antonio, Texas 78229

Guidelines for Donor Family Quilt Squares - English

Guidelines for Donor Family Quilt Squares - Spanish