Every year, thousands of lives are saved thanks to the generosity of organ donors and their families.

The Texas Organ Sharing Alliance (TOSA) is committed to continually improving the care and support provided to our donor families during and after donation. Currently, there are over 2,600 donor family members in Central and South Texas. Many of our donor families are encouraged to share their donation experience. The information they share is invaluable and provides us with the insight to continue offering the most sensitive care to donors and their families.

The Texas Organ Sharing Alliance recognizes that feelings of pain and grief remain after the death of a loved one; therefore, we are committed to maintaining communication with our donor families. Initial communication with our donor families consists of providing information related to their loved one's donation. Donor families are comforted by knowing that other people have benefited, found happiness and have a better quality of life because of their decision. Knowing that their loved one's legacy will continue is helpful in dealing with their grief. Throughout the first year, donor families will receive important information about bereavement services and special donor recognition ceremonies, as well as invitations to donor awareness events held in Central and South Texas communities.

Anyone needing more information regarding Donor Family and Volunteer Services, as well as community events should contact:

Clarissa Thompson
Donor Family and Volunteer Services Coordinator
Texas Organ Sharing Alliance
8122 Datapoint, Suite 200
San Antonio, Texas 78229
(210) 614-7030
(866) 685-0277
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